Goal: $850,000

We must act now to enact our blueprint for conservative revival in 2013

Why Now?

The American conservative movement stands at a crossroads. Many in our movement feel a sense of defeat, and the media are crowing about divisions in our ranks. It is exactly a time like this the groundwork for future success is laid. As Reagan said after his defeat in the 1976 presidential primaries, “the cause goes on.”

Not only that, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) will be joining The Heritage Foundation in 2013 as our next president. No other leader could better prepare Heritage for this critical time in the battle of ideas.

With Obamacare looming, government spending mounting, and the “fiscal cliff” tax increases imminent, the time to act is now. Before President Obama’s second term begins and before Congress reconvenes in January, conservatives must steel ourselves for the battles to come and equip our allies with the ammunition they need to hold firm. Will you stand with The Heritage Foundation at this critical time?

What Is The Plan?

At this moment, Heritage is uniquely positioned to create momentum at every level of the conservative movement. Your year-end support will equip us to:

  • Refine and widely promote “America’s Opportunity,” our comprehensive policy roadmap for the 113th Congress. This detailed plan, to be released in January, includes solutions to repeal Obamacare, cut spending, keep taxes low and fully fund our nation’s defenses.
  • Give congressional conservatives the facts and data they need to stand firm against radical Obama administration policies that would raise taxes, impose vast new regulations, constrain American sovereignty, and hollow out our armed forces.
  • Unite the conservative movement around America’s first principles as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, make the case against left-wing judicial appointments, and stand up to the Washington liberals who wish nothing more than to divide and conquer us.
  • Educate the 67 newly elected congressmen about the tricks the Washington establishment uses to ram through their special interest agenda, and develop a strong bench of new young leaders for the conservative movement.
  • Build a stronger network among the 639 state and local conservative organizations, giving our movement both new weapons against big government at a grassroots level and a new crop of experienced, principled conservative leaders.

What Will It Take?

Heritage’s principled, actionable plan will counter the left’s policies as we lay the groundwork for the conservative victories to come. To put this plan into action and make a real difference in 2013, we must raise $850,000 by midnight on December 31. The clock is ticking, and the time is now. Will you stand with The Heritage Foundation?

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The Heritage Foundation is ready to counter the Left’s radical policies with our actionable plan to promote sound, conservative solutions.

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